Operation of Golf Carts and ATVs

The District would like to take this opportunity to let residents know about laws and regulations pertaining to operation of Golf Carts and ATVs in the community. Use of these motorized vehicles is only allowed on a roadway, when it it a licensed vehicle, and must be operated by a licensed driver.

Texas Water Code, Section 49.217- Operation of a motor vehicle on a drainage ditch or detention pond or on land adjacent to a drainage ditch or detention pond is punishable by fine of up to $500.

Texas Water Code, Section 49.228- A person who wilfully destroys or damages district property is guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor punishable by fine of up to $2,000 or by confinement in jail for up to 180 days, or both.

The District has concerns that Golf Cart and ATV usage along the drainage ditches and detention ponds are causing damage that will need to be repaired, through the use of taxpayer dollars. Traffic along these areas can lead to serious ruts and erosion, as well as other safety concerns for residents.

Keep Motor Vehicles off Ditches and Ponds!

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MUD 148 Was Presented With a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service

State Representative Harold Dutton presented President Calvet Shelley and MUD 148 with a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service for their contributions to the State of Texas and the residents of the District during COVID-19. Calvet Shelley and MUD 148 serve over 3,000 seniors and 20,000 families in the community.

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Happy Father’s Day

The Board for Harris County MUD 148 would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond every day for your families.

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Hydrant Replacement Project Update

Harris County MUD 148 is continuing the hydrant replacement project, which will replace approx. 50 hydrants throughout the district. This project will provide much needed reliability on hydrants in the event of a fire in the community. Eventually all fire hydrants will be replaced in the District.

Hydrants have been in the District since 1975, with some being rusted out and needing replacement for safety reasons, including ADA compliance. Some of the replacements can be seen below, where they are removing hydrants from sidewalks and relocating them to another area.




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Water Smart Event

The MUD 148 Board of Directors held the drive-thru Water Smart Event on June 6 and June 13, 2020. At the event we provided over 5 thousand free masks (cloth and disposable), hand sanitizers, and cleaning products. We also provided CDC information pertaining to COVID 19 and information about resource services that are available to MUD 148 residents. We serviced over 700 families with much needed supplies.

We’d like to thanks everyone, including the MUD 148 Board of Directors, Angels 4 Hope, Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Hon. Harold Dutton, our friends at Center of South Houston Sathya Sai, and everyone else that participated.

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Basketball Court and Playground Closure

In accordance with the Harris County closure of parks and playgrounds during the Quarantine – This notice is to let everyone know that the Basketball Court, Playgrounds/Playhouse, Swings as well as the Splash Pad are closed until further notice – Please do not use them.

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Keeping The Community Clean

The Board has been made aware that there are rental property owners instructing their lawn care and house repair personnel to dump trash at entrances & exits of the communities, of Greensbrook Place and Greensbrook Section 1.

If you see individuals or companies dumping items in our community please report this to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department at (713) 221-6000. Ask the dispatcher to give the physical location of illegal dumping in our community to our Contract Deputy on Duty.

We ask that residents take pictures of the violations, but do not approach the violator.

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Achievements in Our Vision

In 2019, the District made great strides toward our goals for enhancing our community.
Goals achieved included:

Sanitary Lift Station No. 1 – Construction of a new sanitary lift station to serve Kingslake Forest Subdivision. Another sanitary lift station is underway for Greensbrook Section 1.

Fire Hydrants Replacement – Upgrade of fire hydrants in the communities of Kingslake Forest and Greensbrook Section 1.

Waterline Extension and Sanitary Forcemain — Partnership with Sheldon ISD to construct 9,000 feet of waterline and 13,000 feet of sanitary forcemain to serve a new school campus.

New Park and Fitness Areas — Delivery of 1,700 feet of jogging trail surrounding the District’s detention pond, a new play area, splash pad and pavilion near the District’s Administration Building to create a new community park amenity.

Youth Center — Addition of a basketball court with pavilion and a pedestrian bridge and trail connecting two District communities. The basketball court is located within Greensbrook Section 1.

Smart Meter Pilot Program – Implementation of a pilot program that includes 20 smart water meters.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion – Facility expansion that will provide an additional 100,000 gallons per day of capacity. Another District facility expansion is also underway that will increase capacity by 300,000 gallons per day. Texas Water Development Board has approved funds for the expansion in the form of low interest rate bonds (rate to be well below market rates). Harris County Community Development Grant program has also conditionally awarded $1 million for the project.

Water Supply Expansion — Contracted with City of Houston to increase District water supply from 7 million gallons to 16.23 million gallons per month.

Security Enhancement — Additional deputy for increased patrol coverage for District communities.

Continuation of recurring community programs including:

  • National Night Out
  • Back to School Assistance – Donation of back packs and school supplies to the children of HCMUD 148
  • Annual Christmas Event in conjunction with the Water Smart Program
  • Senior Citizen Program
  • Summer Nutrition Program – Provides summer lunches for the District’s youth

Through the commitment and determination of our leadership and a group of dedicated consultants, we were able to deliver significant facility improvements, expanded amenities and enhanced service. The District was able to save more than $8 million through the receipt of grants. Our 2019 accomplishments were exciting, but in 2020 the best is yet to come as our work will bring even more progress and new beginnings for the District. We anticipate the receipt of additional funding to help us bring to reality even more community enhancements such as:

  • Lift Station No. 2 Replacement
  • Secondary waterline connection to Kingslake Forest water distribution system
  • Water Plant yard piping improvements
  • Third waterline connection to the District’s entire water distribution system
  • Wastewater Plant Phase II Expansion
  • Fire hydrant recoating and rehabilitation throughout the district
  • Security enhancements with the addition of cameras at the Water Plant
  • Soccer Fields

Progress is off to a great start this year. We will continue to keep you informed about the amazing successes being achieved in our District.

Calvet Shelley – President
Charles Randle – Vice President
Bobby Roberson – Secretary
Jacqueline McConnell – Assistant Secretary
Larry Canon – Treasurer

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